Tuesday, March 29, 2011

» Left Attacks Florida Gov. Scott for Supporting Transparency They Endorsed in Minnesota - Big Government

Critics of Governor Scott considered it foul that he chose to highlight the 542 government pensioners that annually receive more than $100,000 from the taxpayers, rather than releasing the data on all pensioners in the Florida Retirement System.

Yet, many "good government" liberals in Minnesota must wonder what all the fuss in Florida is about.

That's because Minnesota's Democratic-controlled Senate joined in passing a 2005 law which requires most local governments in that state to proactively disclose their three most-highly-compensated officials each year.  (See http://freedomfoundationofminnesota.com/minnesota-notifies-citizens-on-top-public-pay).

The logic behind the Minnesota law is simple – taxpayers can typically take one good look at the top numbers and determine whether or not there's a problem in excessive government compensation.