Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 Economic Disaster Stories the Leftist Media is Hiding From You | NewsReal Blog

3. It will take less than one month for America to collapse if trucks stop running.

In 2006 the American Trucking Association released a white paper that described what would happen if commercial truck traffic was disrupted for any reason. The report was called When Trucks Stop, America Stops and it shows just how vulnerable America is to even minor disruptions of goods. Trucks not only are essential to keeping supermarkets stocked due to our "just in time" inventory model, but bring the chemicals used to treat our water and the medical supplies to stock our hospitals.

The paper claims that food shortages would be seen within one day of trucks not running while hospitals would run out of catheters and syringes around the same time. Within two to three days ATMs will be empty and gas stations will be out of fuel. A week later hospitals would be out of oxygen and within four weeks no water coming out of a faucet would be safe to drink. It's a stunning report that you've probably never heard of.

But the implications of the report are wider than just the unlikely event of a full shut down of commercial traffic. What if high fuel prices put independent owner operators out of business and decrease the number of trucks on the road by 25%? The same vulnerabilities would come into play, causing shortages and price hikes. The last gas crisis we had came before the majority of businesses used the JIT system. If we see skyrocketing fuel prices now, will we see severe shortages at the stores as commercial truckers make fewer runs?