Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 Economic Disaster Stories the Leftist Media is Hiding From You | NewsReal Blog

5. 44,000,000 Americans are on food stamps.
The media is pushing the new jobs report that shows extremely modest gains in employment, but they aren't mentioning that while this "recovery" is on the way there are more people than ever on government assistance. The government's own numbers are chilling. They show that not only are more Americans than ever before in history getting food stamps, but that the number of people collecting those benefits is increasing each month.
You don't need to get into the arcane data points about how the government fudges employment data to see the problem here. Even if the government and the talking heads are right and we're in a recovery, it would be years, if not decades, before we get back to full employment at this pace. Meanwhile more and more people are dependent on a debt laden government for their income.
This trend is partly due to the Left promoting the idea of middle class entitlements, leading to outrages like City Year volunteers collecting food stamps. People with part time or off the books jobs are collecting food stamps because we've created a society where people think they have a "right" to taxpayers feeding them. But what happens when we run out of money?
For every person who got a job in February there were dozens collecting food stamps. If the media truly doesn't see this as a disaster waiting to happen I question their sanity.