Monday, March 14, 2011

Capitalism Magazine - Reagan-Interruptus: Republicans are, once again, The Stupid Party

The House leadership has put forth a bill cutting about $60 billion in federal spending. The liberals reply that $4 billion in claimed "cuts"will do.

Excuse me? I expected denial from the Democrats. After all, they're socialist.

Their entire morality and political program are based on the theft of other people's money, either literally or in the form of "borrowed" theoretical money from future generations. But Republicans have claimed, rather eloquently at times, to stand for exactly the opposite. Is $60 billion in cuts the best they can propose? No doubt the answer will be, "Well, the liberals control the White House and the Senate. We can't ask for too much." Oh, really? They're going to say you're asking for too much no matter what you ask. If you asked for only $5 billion in cuts, they'd say you're demanding too much.