Monday, March 14, 2011

Capitalism Magazine - Reagan-Interruptus: Republicans are, once again, The Stupid Party

All those years ago, philosopher-novelist Ayn Rand got it so right. She said that there was no end to the welfare-regulatory state until or unless people reject the morality of altruism, defined as the morality that we are all our brothers' keepers. In practice, the code of altruism means that the more I produce, achieve and earn, the more I owe to others. The same applies to you. Republicans (usually religious) tend to eschew this attitude applied to government, preferring that self-sacrifice be practiced outside politics rather than within it. The Democrats, who tend not to be religious, say that's silly, that if we all are our brothers' keepers, then of course government should uphold this principle under the law. In the end, Republicans, even if they put up a fight, concede that well, shucks, "I guess those Democrats do have a point."

The contradiction between what Republicans hold up as political ideals and their underlying (erroneous) ideology of ethics has reached tragic proportions. This is because government and the economy as we've known it are imperiled. No society can survive the kind of bankruptcy to be upheld by the Democratic policies of the last several years, or the Republican policies of "caving in" going forward. By unsustainable borrowing, monetary manipulation and deficit spending, they're sacrificing the stability of our currency, and with the collapse of the currency will go the entire economy as we know it.