Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop the Lying - Jim Lacey - National Review Online

Stop the Lying - Jim Lacey - National Review Online:
From the comments:

"How do you think we got all of this excessive regulation in the first place? The stories that Upton Sinclair published in the early 20th century was a bunch of lies, by his own admission. This led to increased regulation on the part of government.

The Tennessee Valley Authority was meant to promote access to electricity for rural folk, but in reality was a naked power grab by the government to increase regulation over the utilities.

The Cuyahoga River fire was put out before there was ever an Environmental Protection Agency, but we still got one.

Remember when the ozone was under assault by chloroflourocarbons? Yeah, me neither, but no one ever talks about that anymore. However, we still have a Clean Air Act the benefits of which are always dubious.

Everyone knows that Fannie and Freddie was at the center of the housing mess, but was curiously neglected as the Congress decided to ensure that greedy bankers don't take advantage of consumers 'again' (just like all the other times we've had a recession) with Dodd-Frank.

And don't even get me started on Obamacare.

In order for the government to grab more power, it must always position itself as the virtuous entity amongst a sea of rot, i.e., the rest of us. That itself is a lie."