Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arvada Police arrest 11-year-old over 'inappropriate' stick figure drawing - KDVR

The parents were outraged, I am outraged, and every decent human being should be outraged at this sort of totalitarian mindset that has been engendered by political correctness--specifically Left Wing Progressivist attack on free speech, and the equation of speech with behavior. This is no different than that the sort of irrational nonsense that began on elite college campuses with "speech codes" and has filtered throughout higher education and enforced by Left-wing college professors and administrators. When one speaks of the fascism of the Left, this is precisely the sort of thing we are talking about.

One sees the phenomenon all throughout the culture. Recently, for example, we have the left-wing conventional mainstream media report favorably on the union thugs demonstrating in Madison Wisconsin carrying signs attacking the Republican Governor Walter as "Hitler" yet the media says nothing about that, even though such vicious signs are quite prevalent. Had the demonstration been a Tea Party affair, something the media loathes, then you can be sure the Madison demonstration would not be represented favorably, but as a riot of "racist right-wing vigilantes". I hope you see what is obvious to me, the complete double standards of the news media. If the media favor the demonstration, it's all sweetness and light. If they don't, then the demonstrators are racists.

It's interesting to note how the media liked to point out there were so few blacks among the Tea Party demonstrators, but said absolutely nothing about the fact that there were hardly any black people in the Madison union demonstrations.

Another egregious example of bias, corruption, and dishonesty in the national news media. The only news organizations that fairly reported the demonstrations was FoxNews, so oftentimes attacked by the left-wing zealots who call it "FauxNews." It's clear to me and to any fair-minded person that the only news organization that still reports news rather than straight propaganda is Fox News.

Did you notice the difference in how CNN reported how doctors who are committing fraud by excusing teachers on sick leave are reported as just doing a nice favor, when in fact, the doctors are helping the teachers commit fraud? Only FoxNews reported this story accurately in this contest between the people on the one side, who just hired their new Governor, doing what he was elected to do, and these left-wing public sector union thugs whose only object is to keep getting union dues to support their power and influence in the Democratic Party?

Arvada Police arrest 11-year-old over 'inappropriate' stick figure drawing - KDVR