Sunday, February 14, 2010

Palin, Brown & Elite Condescension

The UK Times Online says Sarah Palin and Scott Brown Set the United States Frothing, and the reporter, Christine Lamb, reports the story honestly. the "frothing" mostly represents our left-wing media's hysterical reaction to anyone anywhere who does not share the views of those who are the educational product of our self-styled elite universities.

Elitists also savaged Harry Truman, felt overwhelming contempt for Dwight Eisenhower, loved the failed presidencies of John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, hated Ronald Reagan, perhaps the most successful and accomplished president in modern times, and never ceased to admire Clinton's "brilliance" and academic credentials as a "Rhodes Scholar."

College professors do not make particularly good presidents, and the high and mighty typically have not fared well as president either.  John Quincy Adams lost to Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson only won election in a three-way race and then his party was overwhelmingly defeated by the Republicans in 1920 with another man of the people, Warren Harding, one of our better presidents, despite the academic hostility to his presidency.

This same self-styled elite swoons over Barack Obama because he is, in the words of our VP, "such a clean, articulate [Negro]" who, according to the Senate Majority Leader, "knows how to speak [Negro] dialect when he has to."  The Democrats never can get very far away from race, either with intended praise, as demonstrated in these remarks, or in condemnation, as the party of slavery and Jim Crow, fighting civil rights for blacks tooth and nail from the founding of the Republic through the 1960s.

Sarah Palin, and to some extent Scott Brown, demonstrate an understandable reaction to the elite's dripping condescension, intellectual arrogance, and demonstrated political and economic incompetence.

Their rise in the media has less to do with their particular merits than it does to the needs of a "24/7" news cycle, and the American people's disinclination to view themselves as the moronic rubes Obama sees as "clinging to their guns and their religion."

Obama and company appear to see all Americans (at least the ones who do not worship him) as no different than the very small slice of the electorate who thinks men walked with dinosaurs.

There is even a larger slice of the electorate that believes former President George W. Bush secretly launched the 9/11 attack on the NY Trade Center.  Barack Obama even appointed one of these brilliant academic stars, a communist by the name of Van Jones, as a "Green Jobs Czar" in his administration until the "rubes" made such a fuss that Jones resigned officially (he still works unofficially as part of the Obama Administration).

Our current president, quite apart from whether you agree with his statist political philosophy, suffers from some major problems of his own making.  Even our elites are beginning to realize that when this president gives a speech, such as his recent state of the union, he becomes delusional and incoherent.  What is one to make of the call for less borrowing and lowered spending by a president who, in the same speech, calls for programs that require significantly greater spending and an astronomical increase in borrowing?

Obama's chickens are just beginning to come home to roost and even the little child in the nursery rhyme can see clearly this Emperor has no clothes.


Thomas Bruce said...

There is definitely an arrogance and smugness with this gang in the administration, from the top down, that just won't listen and wants to push their leftist agenda through, irregardless of what the majority of Americans want. Top priority, economy and jobs, not Health Care reform. Great post.

Tom Anderson said...

Thank you for your comment.